loneliness is the house I wanted to live in
before I met you.
a place where nothing ever happens,
and I’m safe because of it.
you changed the ending.
took the wings off my airplane heart
and didn’t let it fly out of your greedy hands.
now you say you’re leaving
and miles away Rome falls.
its buildings crash to their knees after rising to meet you
for so long.

an origami sailboat
reminds you how sorry the
rivers are for falling in love
with temporary things.
now you say you’re leaving,
and miles away engines break
apart in the sky.
you look at me and say
here is a kingdom of promises I meant to give you.
i’m sorry their crowns keep falling off,
but it’s the best I could do.’

now you say you’re leaving
and miles away
icarus flies too close to the sun.
he knows exactly what he’s doing.
he always meant to leave through the


Y.Z., legend has it (via aestheticintrovert)

(via aestheticintrovert)



I came in quietly,
And I will leave that way.
No one will notice,
And frankly, no one will care.
I am always this way,
Making my way,
Then going a way,
That no one knows or understands.
My paths are made by a big heart,
And willing hands.
My life will be one big piece of…